Benefits of Motor Insurance

Since you do not know what will happen someday to your vehicle, having motor insurance will reduce your worry toward any possible risk that happens to your vehicle. As you know this kind of insurance is able to protect our vehicle against any lose which happens because of unforeseen risk.

Basically, insurance allows you to cover financial lose due to theft, natural calamities and accidents. In this case, it will be a contract between you as the vehicle owner and an insurance company which aggress to help you pay for your financial loss which happens to your vehicle because of specified event.

Why We Need to Have Motor Insurance

Well, there are many reasons why you need to have insurance for your automobile. Let’s take a look to the data about accident which happens around you each month first. There is no doubt that you will find a lot of case related to road accident around you. At this point, motor insurance becomes a really assuring thing for you as an owner of vehicle.

More importantly, this kind of insurance is able to cover financial lose that happens to your vehicle only. It can also cover you as well a third party or those who travel with you. Then, it is also a good thing that vehicle insurance offers protection to lose due to natural calamities such as earthquake, cyclone and so on.

Considering all of those benefits above, there is no doubt that having a motor insurance is surely a perfect thing for you as an automobile owner.

Types of Motor Insurance

Then, what are the types of insurance that is available for your automobiles? Here are some of the insurance types that you can have for your motor.

  • Third Party Insurance
For this one, most countries actually make it mandatory for all automobile owners to pay for this insurance. This insurance usually covers lose arising from injury or death as well as property damage to the one that is insured for the claim.

  • Comprehensive Insurance
Another type of motor insurance is comprehensive insurance. When the third party insurance may not cover your car, you and also your co-passengers toward lose or damage due to any accident, this insurance type will be able to cover it.
 Benefits of Motor Insurance
 Benefits of Motor Insurance

Tips to Buy Motor Insurance

Now, how can we buy an insurance program for our automobile? Here are some of the things that you need to take into account when buying insurance.
  • Consider kind of vehicle you have
  • Think about the claim procedure
  • Consider the customer service as well
  • If possible, find out about the percentage of deductable and discount
  • Take IDV or Insured Declared Value into account. 

That’s all a little information that I can share with you about the benefits and the types of motor insurance as well as the tips to buy it. Now, you are ready to choose your own insurance option and get you and your car insured against accident and other issues.

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