7 Benefits of Cactus for Our Life

Benefits of Cactus. If we are talking cactus definition certainly would not be endless, therefore we will take important points only, cactus found in believing in the period before European nations discover a new world. Well now we are going to to the Point of the benefits and functions of the cactus plants to humans on this earth.
Benefits of Cactus
Benefits of Cactus

Benefits of Cactus

  1. Benefits of cactus for the basic ingredients of food makers
    Carnegiae gigantean cactus types can be used as a basic ingredient of flour to make bread maker. Not only that, the roots of cactus Echinocactus platycathus types can also be processed as a liquid for the manufacture of sugar candy.

  2. Benefits of cactus for building material
    The roots of these plants are hard, so it can be used as a timber for the building. Not only that, cactus type of vessel that contains lignin can also be used as a vehicle fuel.

  3. Benefits of cactus for caring for the skin
    This plant has a function similar to aloe vera, that substances contained in it can heal minor irritations or sores on the skin. Cactus is useful for overcoming itching, allergies, and injuries caused by insect bites.

  4. Benefits of cactus for anti-aging
    A study shows that cactus can help children to heal the wounds in the body that is by getting rid of free radicals, thus increasing immunity. And, potentially prickly pear cactus as an herbal remedies to slow aging and help maintain organ function in order to work optimally.

  5. Benefits of cactus for medications for diabetes
    PPIH part of the cactus can be used to treat diabetes. Meanwhile, research from the University of Arizona in examining the content of pectin in cactus resulted in the fact that the drug is effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels and helps the body in stabilizing blood glucose levels.

  6. Benefits of cactus for water purification materials
    Behind the sharp thorns and unpretentious appearance, turns cactus is a plant that is very useful. One benefit is the cactus to purify water, as is done by the Latin American population since ancient times, namely by boiling the leaves cactus to purify the dirty river water before it is processed into drinking water.

  7. Poison suckers
    A substance contained in the cactus mucilage purify the water of toxic types of arsenic. Poison arsenic is a type of poison that can cause cancer on the human body. Not only that, it can also kill mucilage in drinking water.

Thats all about the benefits of cactus. Lost of benefits we can take from a cactus. Isn’t is ?.

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