5 Benefits of Cloves as the Traditional Medicine

Benefits of Cloves. Clove is one of the toga plants (medicinal plants) which are rich in various benefits. Plants are often a mixture of tobacco smoking in this, apparently also be used for healthy and beauty. This is because clove contains eugenol (C10H12O2). 
Benefits of Cloves
Benefits of Cloves
This substance is often used as an additive to the ingredients of beauty and medicine. You could also try to use it for different things. Approximately, there are six benefits that you can try on clove

Benefits of Cloves

  1. Benefits of cloves for handling respiratory infections
    Clove work for expetoran, which can help thin mucus found in the esophagus and throat. It can help the healing process from a respiratory infection. Tea contains cloves, can help the healing process and prevention of respiratory tract infections.

  2. Benefits of cloves for overcoming toothache
    Cloves also can help the healing process sore tooth. Part of cloves that can be used to cure toothache is clove. The trick is very simple. Prepare approximately 5 to 10 grains of cloves, roasted and mashed. Then, sow powder that has been pulverized in the area had a sore tooth.

  3. Benefits of cloves as disinfecting
    The content of eugenol in cloves or natural antiseptic apparently also be used as a cleaner alternative germs. Boiled cloves beans 10 to 30. Furthermore, clove cooking water before you can mix in your bath water with a dose ratio of 1: 4. When taking a shower, flush your body with water that has been mixed with a decoction of cloves earlier. Rub and rinse your body thoroughly.

  4. Benefits of cloves as natural deodorizer clothing
    The spicy of cloves indirectly can be used to reduce the odor on your clothes. This scent can make your clothes remain fragrant and fresh. The trick is very practical. Put some stem clove seeds in a cupboard or fold your clothes. Replace regularly every 4-5 weeks so that a fresh scent of your clothes stay awake.

  5. Benefits of cloves to clean the acne blemishes
    The content of eugenol in cloves (which is also known as a natural antiseptic skin moisturizer) helps the process of acne prevention and the process of eliminating black spots acne scars. To do this way is by applying clove boiled water in the area of ​​acne or acne scars.

Similarly, earlier reviews and ways to utilize clove health and beauty. You can try practical ways earlier and prove it.

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