Benefits of Guava through Our Health

Benefits of Guava. The tree was grown from seed that was carried by fruit-eating animals. Guava first cultivated in Brazil. Then brought to Indonesia and several tropical countries in Southeast Asia. We do not need to be planted, the trees sometimes grow on its own its same as Mango.
Benefits of Guava
Benefits of Guava through
Until now, guava is increasingly found in various species, eg red guava, guava guava white and Bangkok. In addition to growing wild, guava tree is also cultivated by farmers, because guava has a high selling price.

Guava fruit has the scientific name Psidium Guajava. The content of guava fruit is also very much, ranging from vitamins A, vitamin B and C in addition, the guava, there are fiber and minerals that are good for health. Benefits of guava fruit and guava white are almost the same.

Because it implies that there is in both types of grapefruit are almost the same. There is only a slight difference from the red dye on the type of red guava. One who becomes the privilege of red guava is can be used to treat dengue fever. The content of the red dye can increase blood levels and replace the red blood cells are affected by dengue virus.

In addition, guava have other benefits for our health. What are the benefits? Let's look at some of the benefits of guava below.

Benefits of Guava

  1. Treating constipation, because the high fiber content in guava helps the digestive process. Minerals and fiber content of the guava also protects the mucous membrane lining of the intestine. It happens on bananas too.

  2. Fiber, minerals and vitamins in fruit seeds Jambi able to maintain immunity. It is very necessary for the dengue mosquito virus and other diseases.

  3. The benefits of guava fruit to other health is to meet the nutritional needs of food. The content of vitamin B3 and B6 are very good for the development of brain stimulation and increase appetite.

Additionally, guava is also very good for maintaining healthy skin. For women who want to have smooth skin a natural, vitamin C is very good for maintaining healthy skin condition. How to consume guava fruit is you may eat directly or processed into juice. We recommend that when eating guava is not the seeds. Quite flesh alone, because the seeds of guava will be poorly digested by the digestive system.

Similarly, some of the benefits of guava can you can consume them. Guava trees including seasonal fruit, so when in season fruit guava price will be cheaper. Hopefully after reading this article, you become more aware of the benefits of guava fruit for health.

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