The Benefits of Sesame Oil for Your Health

Benefits of Sesame Oil. Sesame oil is produced from sesame seeds, and this oil is usually used as one of ingredients for cuisines. Also, the benefit of sesame which contains a variety of nutrients has many health benefits for the body. Sesame oil has been used since 600 BC as cooking oil as well as a symbol of social status. In addition, this oil can be used for a variety of medicinal purposes. An evidence of the sesame oil use was found in ancient India, and this oil was considered as sacred which was mainly used in Hindu rituals. Sesame oil is produced by squeezing or pressing the sesame seeds. The process of the sesame seeds extraction cannot be done by mechanically, thus the workers have to do it manually. Sesame oil color ranges from light yellow to yellowish brown.
Benefits of Sesame Oil
Benefits of Sesame Oil
Sesame oil contains many nutrients and has a lot of health benefits. One cup of sesame oil is consisted approximately 3 grams of vitamin E and 29 micrograms of vitamin K. It is accounted for 15% and 37% of the daily requirement. Sesame oil has mono and poly-saturated fats which functions to lower cholesterol level. Moreover, the benefit of sesame is believed for its ability of lowering blood pressure. Sesame oil is commonly used in India to treat hepatitis, diabetes and migraines. A study has conducted at Maharishi International College in Iowa, and revealed that sesame oil can be effective for the gingivitis treatment. There are other sources which claim that this beneficial oil can also be used to treat psoriasis, dandruff, head lice and other infections caused by fungi.

There are some benefits of sesame for skin health that you may do not know. Sesame oil is a good antioxidant which can neutralize free radicals that cause your skin look unhealthy. It can easily penetrate your skin and provide nutrients to the cells. There is a way which can be done to get the maximum benefits of antioxidant. By using organic sesame oil and preheat it up to 100° Celsius is clearly increasing the benefits of sesame oil. Furthermore, sesame oil is antibacterial which will be able to fight against pathogens on your skin. It is possibly prevent acnes, rashes and other skin disorders. One of sesame oil surprising benefits is that it can prevent skin cancer. Then, it functions as oil which is used for massaging, and it brings calming effect.

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