The Benefits of Goji Berries

Benefits of Goji Berries. Let's see why they are so popular for health. The benefits of goji berries fruit are goji berry fruit similar to small tomatoes. This fruit can be found in the Himalayan region with a sweet taste, small and plump. Goji berry is a repository of 8 essential amino acids. The fruit of goji berry contains of polysaccharides. The benefits are to assist in the development of new cells in a fast manner. This is the theory behind its use against the aging process. Cessation of old cells lead to the production of new cells. Give goji berries can also improve the digestive system.
Benefits of Goji Berries
Benefits of Goji Berries
Goji berry fruits are good sources of 21 minerals and 19 amino acids. Zinc, phosphorus, selenium, germanium and calcium are the various minerals. They also have a high content of Vitamin E which generally is not seen in other fruits. Goji berry fruit has approximately 500 times the amount of vitamin C than citrus fruits in the same amount. The benefits of goji berries fruit can help in lowering cholesterol levels. Goji can give served dry, cooked, eaten raw and as a herbal tea, juice or wine. Supplements are also available from it because it does not grow in any given place. If you are traveling where goji give grows, you might enjoy it more when served dry or as an aperitif.

The other benefits of goji berries in every little give is a powerhouse of antioxidants, special molecules that fight free radicals and help minimize the damage. That means goji can be given a delicious way to help prevent aging and disease, such as vision problems, high blood pressure and diabetes. In fact, laboratory tests have shown that goji components have anticancer properties. In addition to antioxidants, goji fruit has many nutrients. You can find 18 different amino acids and up to 21 different minerals. In fact, one ounce or about 5 tablespoons provides of 170% daily content of vitamin A, 3 grams fiber, 80 mg calcium, 2.16 mg of iron and 1 gram of protein. The reasons why goji has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, as an anti-fever, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging tonic.

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