Benefits of White Tea: The Secret behind Royal Tea

Benefits of White Tea. Before we talk about the benefits of white tea, we will give enlighten about this one. White tea is the rarest type of tea that is at once also becomes the most expensive in the world, which is originally only consumed by the Emperor of China and a member of the palace since the Tang Dynasty (618-907). White tea is made only from the best tea buds that still unopened grown high in the mountains in Fujian Province (China), as the place of origin of the first white tea (Original) and the best in the world. A cup white tea contains antioxidants that equivalent to 12 glasses of fresh orange juice. This tea appearance is shiny white silvery with fur blanket, and a tapered shape such as a needle. White tea is plucked with the best quality in just two days each year in early spring, when the tea leaf buds open yet and still covered with fine hairs with white colors.
Benefits of White Tea
Benefits of White Tea
White tea is processing in traditional, natural and very minimal, which only covers withering and drying immediately after picking process is done. White tea is dried naturally by wind and Sun Mountains, without going through the process of fermentation and grinding so that is why it doesn’t damage the actual form of white tea and the benefits of white tea.

White tea has many benefits of white tea that have been studied by academics and in the laboratory of environment health. Efficacy was emerging from the high content of antioxidants folifenol that is needed by the human body. One of benefits of white tea is because it has extract that may have prophylactic applications that can help to inhibit the growth of bacteria which can cause infection of aureus, streptococcus infections, pneumonia, and dental caries. The study found that white tea is more effective than green tea to inactivate viruses and bacteria and it has an anti-viral effect on human pathogenic viruses.

But it can also lose weight, prevent aging and damage to the skin, burn fat and prevent the emergence of new fat cells. White tea can strengthen the immune and anti-aging, prevent cardiovascular disease. It can prevent the blockage of blood vessels, reduce high blood pressure, and prevent coronary heart disease. Also can refresh and kill germs that cause bad breath in the mouth, keeping the teeth that are not easily perforated and can kill bacteria.

Folifenol contained in white tea efficacious to remove toxins in the body and anti-radiation. Interesting, right? There’s no fear to try, fellas!

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