Benefits of Pomegranate For Health and Beauty

Benefits of Pomegranate. Pomegranate is a fruit plant that belongs to the family Punicaceae. Pomegranate plant originally is known from the Middle East and can grow at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. Pomegranates are often planted in home gardens as an ornamental plant as well as to eat the fruit. This fruit has spherical shape with a diameter of 5-12 cm with variety colors such as white, green-purple, blackish purple, or reddish brown. It has small seed with round shape multifaceted long-terms rather than flat, hard, irregularly arranged and the color is red, pink, or white. The benefits of pomegranate for health is being on its contents. The main content of the other alkaloids pelletierene, betulic acid, ursolic acid, elligatanin, resins, granatin, triterpenoids, calcium oxalate, and the starch contained in the skin of pomegranate.
Benefits of Pomegranate
Benefits of Pomegranate
So for you, fellas who like to consume pomegranate’s juice, the juice contains citric acid, glucose, malice acid, maltose, fructose, vitamin A, C, minerals and tannins. In addition to fruit, almost all parts of the plant are also useful as a cure. From the roots, seeds, leaves, flowers or bark. So for you fellas who eat this fruit, you literally can stop cell’s damage, which can prevent the cancer cell, especially prostate cancer and lung cancer. It is because the tannins substance in pomegranate

The other benefits of pomegranate is, it can be helpful for Digestion. Pomegranate contains high tannin which is one component astringent with the ability to bind and precipitate the protein so that it can be applied in the treatment of bleeding (haemostatic), peptic ulcers (open sores on the lining of the stomach), diarrhea and hemorrhoids in a way to shrink the mucous membranes of the intestines so that the liquid is reduced diarrhea. And also if the pomegranate fruit is consumed daily, it can help to prevent the Alzheimer’s disease. While it is eaten by people who have the disease, then it will actually slow down its desease’s development. The other benefit is, it also can increase the brain’s ability, and it will help to perform daily activities into a better and more active.

To get all the benefits of pomegranate for the health and beauty of this fruit, you have to make sure to eat a pomegranate with an average size or medium or drink pomegranate juice every day. Collagen is the basic component of the skin, which guarantees the skin to keep in soft, smooth and toned. Certain compounds in pomegranate will stop the enzyme that inhibits collagen, so the health of the skin will always be maintained.

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