Benefits of Pineapples for The Body

Benefits of Pineapples. What’s on your mind when you hear about pineapples? Sort of apples fruit or fruits with the sharp skin? Well fellas, pineapple is a fruit that grows in tropical areas originally come from Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia. Pineapple This plant is included in the pineapple family (Family Bromeliaceae). Stature (habitus) which has low growth, herbaceous with 30 or more leaves’s long, sharp-pointed, arranged in a rosette shape surrounding with thick stem. Pineapple’s fruit shape like a pine tree. While the term itself was originally the name of pineapples that comes from Tupi, which means the fruit is excellent because of the benefits of pineapples good for our health.
Benefits of Pineapples
Benefits of Pineapples
The benefits of pineapples come from its content. The fruit is rich in vitamins A and C as an antioxidant. It also contains of calcium, sodium, potassium, dextrose, magnesium, sucrose, iron, phosphorus, and the enzyme bromelain. The bromelain efficacious can be as anti-inflammatory. It helps soften the food in the stomach, as well as inhibit the cancer cells’s growth. The fiber that content on pineapple can facilitate the defecation to people who have constipation. The contents are owned by pineapple certainly very beneficial for our health.

The benefits of pineapple as well as anti-inflammatory, which has been discussed above that the anti-inflammatory herein capable to inhibit the cancer cell’s growth in the body. It can slow blood clotting platelets. Pineapple is also beneficial for fluently digestion of food in the stomach. It is also being able to reduce stomach acid in the body. Pineapple also acts as a diuretic (laxative urine). The benefits of pineapple are also capable of removing dead skin cell tissue. And also it can eliminate dandruff. The simple way to eliminate dandruff is just you need to provide 1/4 ripe pineapple fruit. And then peel the skin, scar and filter it. And for complete formulas, add the juice of one lemon and stir until blended. Use the mixture to rub the scalp of dandruff. You can do it at night before you sleep and the next morning you can clean your hair. Do it 2-3 times a week.

But fellas, despite the benefits of pineapples, this fruit also have effects for some people and some condition. Young pineapple is abortive or potentially as a drug that can be an abortion. Therefore, pineapple can be used to launch a missed period. Also, pregnant women are forbidden to consume young pineapple because it trigger the arthritis. In the gastrointestinal tract, the pineapple fruit are fermented into alcohol. This can trigger a recurrence of rheumatic gout. For people who have rheumatism and arthritis are recommended to limit the consumption of pineapple because pineapple can increase the blood sugar. Ripe pineapple fruit contains sugar levels that high enough so for people who have diabetes should not consume pineapple. Just don’t forget to always give attention, fellas!

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