Benefits of Olive Oil For Beauty and Health

Benefits of Olive Oil. Olive oil comes from an Olea European tree. This tree mostly found in the Mediterranean basin, like Asia and Africa. The height is about 7.8 to 14.7 meters, it has a crooked trunk, small white and silver-green flower, oval-shaped leaves. The wood is very hard, and resistant to drought, disease, and fire. The olive tree can live in a very long time. In general, olive oil is taken from the two types of olives; the black one and the green one.

Olive oil which produces the highest quality must be squeezed within 48 hours. Once picked, the olives will be squeezed by granite or steel mill. The squeeze method called First Cold Press.
Benefits of Olive Oil
Benefits of Olive Oil
Olive oil is believed for its goodness for beauty, the benefits of olive oil are used by Sophia Loren Italian artist who loves to soak in olive oil. She still looks pretty and young even at the age of 70-something years. So, olive oil is safe if it used directly on skin. But how is the effect if affixed directly on the skin? For the face, olive oil can be applied directly to moisturize dry skin and rough. But it is not recommended for oily skin, because it can stimulate acne. Olives have very high the content of vitamin E, Vitamin E itself works well for taking care of the skin, so it is suitable to use as a mask acne removal as well as a mask to soften the skin.

In addition, Vitamin E also can be used as the body's natural antioxidant substances, and it is useful to avoid the possibility of developing cancer. Including can be utilized as a mask to rejuvenate the skin, or to remove dead skin cells of acne scars. In stark contrast with the exterior cosmetic acne remover on the market, olive oil can not directly remove acne scars, so it should be necessary patience to achieve very good results, but it certainly safer than chemical based on other cosmetics. Olive oil for health benefits include reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol), so as to reduce the risk of heart disease. Extra virgin and virgin olive oil contains of high polyphenols. The other benefits of olive oil content on Polyphenols which are a very good antioxidant which can help to prevent cancer.

Olive oil can also inhibit blockage in the arteries, gentle on the stomach and digestive tract, and it can also act as a mild laxative. Olive oil is a friendly to the intestine and the enemy of intestinal injury and inflammation of the stomach. Good quality olive oil contains many nutrients and vitamins. Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E, and K. Olive oil is also rich in iron and cholesterol free. Another benefit of olive oil is to lubricate the scratchy throat, can reduce snoring, helping to reduce earache, and other.

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