Benefits of Apples: Body and Beauty Treatment

Benefits of Apples. What is more fascinating than consuming a small fruit with the good taste which has a lot of benefits to our body? Yes, this fruit is apple. Apple (Pyrus malus) includes in the Rosaceae family. Apple is a type of fruit which is usually red, but it also has green and yellow colors. The skin is a bit soft, the flesh is hard and it has some seeds. Besides the good taste, this fruit also has some several benefits of apples.
Benefits of Apples
Benefits of Apples
But before we tell the benefits of apples, let’s we talk about the nutrition of this small fruit. Apples contain of vitamin C and antioxidants. This fruit has a good taste, sweet and refreshing. Apples have very rich nutrients which are beneficial for health. Apples are one of the fruits which are similar with the red color of its skin. Besides the pectin compounds, in one apple which has size of 100 grams also contains a lot of nutrients. Based on calories, it has 58 calories, Hydrate charcoal with the number of 14.9 g, 0.4 grams of fat, then 0.3 grams of proteins, moreover 6 mg of calcium, 10 mg of phosphorus, 0.3 mg of iron, 90 SI of vitamin A, 0.04 mg of vitamin B1, 5 mg of vitamin C and 84% of water.

Well, in this article we are going to talk about the benefits of apples. We will divide into two points of beneficial things of apples for the body and for the beauty treatment. Let’s begin with the benefits of apples for our body. For your information, apples can be used as a traditional medicine to cope diabetes disease. Just take a ripe of apple with medium size. Then add into four parts and boiled with 3-4 glasses of water to boil down into 2 cups water. Filter the water, then taken twice a day every morning and afternoon. The other benefit is that consuming two apples a day can help to prevent diseases of the digestive system, such as constipation. The disease can be prevented because the fiber in apples helps to absorb water in the intestines and digestive system.

After we talk about the benefits of apples to our body, it turns to the beauty treatment. The first is to overcome acne. Acne is the main enemy for oily skin. To fix the acne, you need to water the apple cider as a facial toner. Let it few minutes and immediately rinse with clean water. Besides to acne’s cure, apples can clean the pores of the skin. Skin pores mix with oil and bacteria and it causes acne. Cleanses the pores are very important for maintaining healthy skin. The trick is pureeing the apples through juice or blends it, then add a tablespoon of sugar and stir well. Apply the mixture on the face as she gently massage.

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