The Genuine Benefits of Black Tea

Benefits of Black Tea. Over the years, the tea plant has been grown in almost all over the world, especially in either tropical or subtropical regions. Unlikely the green tea, black tea is obtained after tea leaves undergo oxidation before being dried. The black color of the leaves is formed from the oxidation process.
Benefits of Black Tea
Benefits of Black Tea
Study in Rotterdam depicts that the best relationship with the severity of tea consumption aortic atherosclerosis was observed. Health study in Boston also found that people who drank one cup (200-250 ml) or more of black tea per day had approximately half the risk of a heart attack than people who do not drink tea.

Also the benefits of black tea are improving oral health. Black tea contains of polyphenols which can destroy the bad bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria can create plaque, cavities and also other oral infections. And also it can protect the body from free radicals. Polyphenols that contains in black tea, including the type of antioxidants have a positive role in protecting the body from free radical threat. Polyphenols may also prevent DNA’s damage.

Another benefit of black tea is that black tea also known to contain alkylamines, like antigens that is useful to enhance the immune system. Black tea also contains tannin which has a role in preventing illness caused by viruses. And the next benefit is that black tea can maintain a digestive health through the phytochemicals on the black tea that has a restorative effect on the digestive tract.

The other benefit of black tea which is consumed is this black tea can protect overall heart health. Research shows that people who regularly consume black tea per day were known to have a reduce risk of stroke and heart disease by 20%.

Another positive benefit of black tea is it can maintain digestive health, phytochemical content available on the black tea can also strengthen bones and teeth and it’s be able to reduce the risk of arthritis. Black tea is also believed to have a role to prevent cancer. This is because black tea contains catechin polyphenols that may help to prevent certain type of cancer.

Women who regularly consume black tea can also avoid the risk of ovarian cancer. Also based on the study has shown that regular consumption of black tea can also lower the risk of diabetes. But those with high blood pressure should avoid black tea because black tea contains caffeine which can aggravate high blood pressure. Caffeine is not good for people who have problems with calcium absorption.

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