Health Benefits of Dates for the Body

Benefits of dates. Before talk about the benefits of dates, let us bring you to know this kind of fruit. So, Dates (Phoenix dactylifera) is a palm tree fruit (Arecaceae) in the genus of Phoenix. For Muslim majority countries, including Indonesia, are already familiar with this kind of fruit. Palm fruit is often consumed as sweets, especially in the Ramadhan (fasting month). There is no one who knows for sure the origin of this palm tree, but many people believe that the palm trees came from the banks of the Nile River.
Benefits of Dates
Benefits of Dates
These dates truly have a lot of benefits for health. Even though the shape is so small but don’t ask about the benefits of this small fruit because totally it has a lot. The first benefits of dates are useful to make your bones stronger, prevent premature osteoporosis, and make your teeth stronger also. This is because the dates contain minerals, selenium, manganese, magnesium, and copper which are important part of a healthy bone growth and strong teeth. Dates are very good for consumption by the elderly and those who already have osteoporosis, though still in a young ages.

The second benefits of dates is that this fruit is useful in the blood clotting process. This is because the fruit is rich of vitamin C and vitamin B-complex. B-complex vitamin is such as vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), niacin, next pantothenic acid and also riboflavin. This vitamin helps the body to regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

The dates also can overcome the anemia Anemia due to iron deficiency. Iron is important and becomes a component of hemoglobin in red blood cells and determines the oxygen capacity of the blood carrier. Dates contain iron as much as 0.90 milligrams or 100 grams for each fruit. That’s why this fruit can overcome the anemia and this become the other benefits of dates.

Dates need to be incorporated into a healthy diet. This is become the next benefits of dates for wight gain. Dates contain sugars, proteins, and other essential vitamins. If the dates are consumed along with cucumber dough, you can keep your weight remained normal, balanced, and not too thin. One kilogram of dates contains approximately 3,000 calories and calories on dates sufficient to meet the daily needs of the human body. Of course you need to eat foods other than dates. If you have a thin body and want to increase your weight, or if you want to treat your body muscles to make a woman impressed, or your body becomes weak because of serious medical problems - then you need to consume dates.

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