Benefits of Celery in Every Part of its Plant

Benefits of celery. The first benefits of celery are that celery is a rich source of antioxidants. Because of its content that, celery can reduce the risk of oxidative damage in the body fat and blood vessel walls. In addition, the plant is also useful in preventing the emergence of inflammation (inflammation) in the body which is not desirable. For those of you who often getting sick, you can also consume celery. Because, in the leaves of this plant contains plenty of antioxidant flavonoids such as zea-xanthin and beta carotene which can make your body resistance increases. In addition, an anti-oxidant was able to prevent you from developing cancer.
Benefits of Celery
Benefits of Celery 
The second benefits of celery are that celery is also able to protect the body's digestive tract. Although research on this is still new and it was done on animals, celery extract containing compounds apiuman allegedly able to improve the integrity of the protective lining of the stomach, reducing the risk of gastric ulcer problems, and set the stomach secretion system better.

The benefits of celery are not just that. Explained that celery in fact contain a number of compounds that can help detoxify the body. This plant can also reduce uric acid by encouraging the body to increase spending uric acid (acid type contained in the urine).

Celery plant is a plant known for very low calorie content is 16 calories per 100 grams. In addition, the benefits of celery are also famous for the content of insoluble fiber which is very good to help reduce weight and even reduce blood cholesterol levels when consumed regularly.

Benefits of celery juice contain a lot of potassium and sodium that can replace lost electrolytes in the body after exercise or activity. In addition, celery juice also helps fulfill the body fluids. When you are in the exercise, the body will lose a lot of water through sweat. Therefore, drinking celery juice will help prevent dehydration. Celery juice also contains many minerals and helps add to the energy lost. If you are experiencing joint pain due to arthritis or rheumatism, try celery juice consumption. Drink celery juice every day will help relieve pain and joint pain that you feel. In addition, celery juice is also effective to reduce muscle inflammation.

The benefits of celery by consumption it in the form of celery juice every day will help you improve your health and fitness. Not only provide a variety of benefits above, celery juice also helps to remove toxins from the body.

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