Benefits of Carrot for Human Body

Benefits of Carrot. Carrot is a biennial plant (life cycle of 12-24 months) that store large amounts of carbohydrates for the plant flowering in the second year. Flower stem grow about 1 m tall, with white flowers, and a sweet taste unpleasant. The edible part of the carrot is the root or roots. You can get many benefits of carrot just by eating those. Here are benefits of carrot that lies in there.
Benefits of Carrot
Benefits of Carrot 
Carrots are one of the detoxification foods that can clean and regulate the balance in the body. The benefits of carrots that are believed to improve eyesight also may prove to be correct. Carrots are very useful to cleanse and strengthen the liver, the main organ of the body in detoxification, so it can improve all functions related body systems. However, do not take more than three carrots in a day. To make the juice, use no more than two carrots and mixing them with apples or other vegetables. Eating too much carrot juice makes your skin orange.

In other side, benefit of carrots is as a storehouse of beta-carotene that is useful to support the immune system, can help digestive system, then respiratory tract, as well as building the teeth, hair, and bones strong. Beta-carotene also has a healing effect on the skin, especially for eczema, dermatitis and acne, and can improve the color of the skin when taken as apple juice together. Beta-carotene can also help improve night vision and makes the eyes healthy.

The other benefits of carrots are they contain of natural sugar that will be released slowly into the human body to provide long-lasting energy. The level of sugar in carrots is not the sugar in large number that goes suddenly as the refined sugar. Carrots are better if eaten raw. Carrots, especially if made into soup, are perfect for healing foods which are very good in the process of healing or people that his/her condition is declining.

Because they are a source of vitamin C and beta-carotene, benefits of carrots can be main foods for the fight against the disease and strengthen the immune system. Carrots also can fight against various diseases, respiratory tract infections, stomach ulcers and digestive problems, as well as providing protection against the risk of various cancers. Carrots are often used as traditional ingredients to help the problem of femininity (regulate the menstrual cycle and increase breast milk) as they contain calcium.

Carrots can also help in forming of blood cells. They are increasing the levels of hemoglobin (HB). Carrots can also help fight heart disease and diseases in major blood vessels. If they are frequently eaten every day, then carrots will also decrease cholesterol levels. Those benefits of carrots will you get when you like to consume carrot every day.

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